BDSW award ceremony for "Security Employee of the Year" - Eufinger Security employee receives 2nd place

This year, the Federal Association of the Security Industry (BDSW) awarded the prize for the "Security Employee of the Year" for the 5th time, which honours the extraordinary actions and special commitment of security employees.

We, Bewachungsinstitut Eufinger GmbH, are very pleased to announce that our valued employee and colleague Muhammad Zariouhi has been awarded second place in this category.

Mr. Zariouhi did not hesitate during his shift in a Frankfurt car park in December, showed a remarkable amount of courage and saved the life of a teenage girl through his first aid performance.

Mr Zariouhi emphasised that such actions come naturally for him and that the well-being of others is his top priority. We congratulate Mr Zariouhi and thank him for his commitment.